Invested. Responsible. Authentic…what Motivates you?

At starrdesign, we are a multidisciplinary team that approaches each of our projects with collaboration, dedication and creativity. We bring all of our project players under one roof to hear multiple perspectives and create a fun, dynamic environment.

we are

You know that tv series you would never miss an episode of, the book you can’t seem to put down or that team you block hours out of your day to watch each week? Well, we feel the same way about our commitment to our clients, projects and each other. We are passionate about the projects we work on, the people we work on them for, the credible recognition we earn and things we learn along the way.

we are

We go above and beyond to provide the best service possible. From meeting deadlines to delegating tasks, we take responsibility for our actions and ownership of our work. There is always opportunity to try something new and we hope you’ll be brave enough to try it. We own up to mistakes, learn when things go wrong and strategize how to be better in the future. We recognize accomplishments and we replicate what’s done well. We even take care of the office dogs while we’re at it.

we are

Come as you are – we all do. From our wardrobes to our “why,” we don’t try to be something we’re not. No voice is too small and no task is below anyone. Collaboration is how we shine light on new ideas and stir up the creative tension that forces us to grow. We believe in what we say, advise and design – and that’s what gets us to the office each morning. Whether that’s before or after the coffee…to each their own…

we are one team -
come grow with us.

We see the world from many perspectives and are united by a desire to tackle complex challenges within restaurant design.