Restrictions on restaurants and large gatherings due to COVID-19 have swept the nation with lay-offs, particularly within the restaurant, hospitality and service industries. Many restaurants have had to reduce to a skeleton staff, leaving business owners with difficult decisions and thousands of servers, hostesses, cooks and more without their main source of income.

In light of these circumstances, we’ve gathered a few resources that we hope can provide a little support and insight as we all weather these challenges:

show your support for someone in the service industry

what: Tip a local service industry worker each time you pour a glass at home.

how: Select your city and you’ll receive links to donate to an impacted service industry worker via Venmo or Cash App (if your city is not listed, be sure to fill out the form and help expand there).

whoImpacted Service Industry workers – Find your city and fill out the form to be submitted to receive tips (we are counting on you to be honest!).

Restaurant Owners – share with your network and make sure your impacted workers know they can submit their information.

Everyone – Submit your tip and spread the word!

Huge thanks to Charlotte Agenda for sharing this platform that started in Chattanooga, TN and for supporting this concept throughout Charlotte.

financial crisis management tools

what: Free crisis management resources from Simple Numbers author Greg Crabtree to help navigate the current difficult economic circumstances.

how: Follow this link to access videos, templates and case studies (completely free).

who: Anyone looking for guidance on crisis cash flow planning.

launch an accurate, inexpensive & safe delivery & takeout system

what: Simple steps and key products that can help restaurants roll out an accurate takeout system that is low-cost, on-brand and can be implemented in a matter of days.

how: Read our guide here!

who: Restaurant owners or managers that want to launch, fine-tune or cut costs on takeout systems.

foodservice cleaning and hygiene in the age of COVID-19

what: Are you using the right cleaning techniques throughout your restaurant?

how: Find out here!

who: Restaurant owners or general managers who want to give their restaurant cleaning processes a “health check.”

we are in this together.

How we’re addressing COVID-19.